[CT Birds] 4th of July Birds

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 4 14:36:53 EDT 2013

From Dan and Trudy Rottino:
7/4/13 - East Haddam Yard -- 2pm; 3 BLACK VULTURE, 1 YELLOW- BILLED CUCKOO.  

After our BBQ lunch Trudy heard a cuckoo, so we started looking but found  3 Black Vultures instead, a new yard bird.  Then we heard the cuckoo further away so we headed through the woods.  After we gave up we returned just in time to see it fly directly over the house.  A lifer for Trudy, and the first sighting in the yard as the previous one was only heard.  How did the cuckoos know this was a good caterpillar year? Or was last year the big one where they had successful broods and now have the larger numbers?  Now I just need the other cuckoo for the yard.

Dan Rottino
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