[CT Birds] Mansfield Hollow/Windham Airport

philiprusch at charter.net philiprusch at charter.net
Fri Jul 5 20:04:37 EDT 2013

This evening from the top of the dam at Mansfield Hollow/Windham Airpot 
in Windham:

1 molting male Ring-necked Duck  ---  very wierd looking bird

48 Killdeer  ---  Numbers have been increasing significantly in the last 
2 weeks

2 Spotted Sandpipers

6 Bank Swallows

12 No. Rough-winged Swallows

2 Eastern Meadowlarks  --- breeders I believe

For those who are unfamiliar with this small grassland, It is accessed 
from the commuter parking lot just east of Willimantic on Route 6.  Also 
as the water levels in Mansfield Hollow, HOPEFULLY, drop later this 
summer, large flat appear enticing many species of shorebirds to this 
inland site.

Phil Rusch
Chaplin, CT

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