[CT Birds] MCC 7-5-13

kevindoyle01 at charter.net kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sat Jul 6 12:56:52 EDT 2013

  July 5th, 2013 ... Low tide mid afternoon ... talk about hot and very 
little breeze ... least terns still sitting on nests ... to those 
concerned I was nowhere near them ... photographed from a lengthy 
distance and not much activity ... how these birds sit day in and day 
out is a tribute to their fortitude & survival baking on the sand. The 
sand & heat took it's toll on ... wiped out would be the word I'd come 
up with ... many common terns chasing the least terns at times they 
seemed to be getting along then the common terns would start chasing for 
no apparent reason, other than claim their territory, who knows but fun 
to watch. The oyster catcher family progressing nicely with the chick 
markedly smaller is flying and the family appears to be getting along 
just fine. On the walk back I spotted 3 adult piping plovers ... no 
signs of the chicks. Other than the above mentioned no other shorebird 
seen. Gulls though !!!

The ospreys were slow just sitting trying to manage the heat but with a 
healthy west wind of at least 15-20 mph. Three times an intruder flew 
into their space with the male flying to the nest & the female chasing a 
great egret. After 3 hours & 2 minor flights I had enough and headed to 
the sound.

Kevin Doyle New Milford, CT

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