[CT Birds] Who's in YOUR top 10?

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Thu Jul 11 21:33:40 EDT 2013

And just for yuks...

Birdwatchingdaily magazine surveyed visitors about what 10 U.S. species they most wanted to see. The 10 most wanted:

10) blue footed booby
9) green jay
8) ferruignous pygmy owl
7) kirland's warbler
6) spotted owl
5) atlantic puffin
4) gyrfalcon
3) elf owl
2) whooping crane
1) california condor

Many owl fans out there, it seems. 

In any case, this begs the question - who'd be on your top 10 list? I'll start:

In no particular order:
california condor
blue footed booby
connecticut warbler
cerulean warbler
red-faced warbler
painted redstart
black throated gray warbler
golden eagle
greater roadrunner 
clark's nutcracker

I know at least one person whose list will include pacific golden plover,
Jonah Cohen

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