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northernrail at comcast.net northernrail at comcast.net
Sat Jul 13 19:12:39 EDT 2013

I am replyimg to you and to ctbitds at lists...
Hopefully this works.

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I've had my first smart phone for less than 24 hours.  I feel like I am back in kindergarten, except most kids in kindergarten would be ahead of me.

The key to sending email to the list from a phone is knowing what email address it is coming from so that can be subscribed to CTBirds.  Since your reply to me appears to be coming from northernrail at comcast.net AND from your phone, and that is how you are subscribed, I would have expected it to work if you send to the list the same way.  Send a message to me from your phone, exactly as you would to 
CTBirds, I will be able to see just where it is coming from.



From: "northernrail at comcast.net" <northernrail at comcast.net>
To: rmharvey at snet.net 
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From my phone. Cell is 203_395 6589.. While we are at it, can you  get my phone listed so I can  submit sightings to ctbirds frommy phone.
I am still in the dark ages as far as computers go. My smart phone is way smarter than me.
John O
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From: Roy Harvey <rmharvey at snet.net>
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>Hope life is treating you well these days.
>I'm setting up a new phone with a new number (203-651-9818) and am 
>looking to patch up some gaps in my phone list.  I'd like to have your 
>cell phone number Just In Case.
>Thanks, and good birding!

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