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About life birds - 

As I got older and the years of birding became similar in how I was pursuing and enjoying them, I began something new. I began to change my priority for life birds to finding them for myself. I always posted in my Life List where and who found and/or spotted that life bird for me. In these later years, most all are posted as - me finding them. It gives me so much more satisfaction finding my own good and life birds these days. Anyone else also doing it this way as well? 

And Glen W - about that Sabine's Gull. This was for years my longest to find lifer of all. I missed that Gull several times through the years, and it became an obsession for me to get one. Years ago I missed it at the Vineyard by 5 mins, and once again there years later by another 5 mins as I saw it as a black object flying off into the open ocean. The one who saw it first said it was just 20 feet away! I also missed one on a pelagic trip being seen on the other side of the boat! Finally, in 2005, I was driving to Menemphia (sp) on the Vineyard, when i looked left and over a dune was a classic adult SABINE'S GULL flying along with me! I reported it and was so proud I finally got this elusive bird on my life list all by myself! 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

And to Jay K - I got my first Ivory-billed Woodpecker at the Peabody Museum - still had most of its feathers on...

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