[CT Birds] My Top 10 birds to see.

Michael Carpenter mike at mcarpenter.com
Sun Jul 21 17:49:14 EDT 2013

Thanks to Jonah for gettingthis going . . .
and to everyone else for posting your own inspiring lists.

I've been busy at work and a bit out of the loop for
a couple of weeksso please forgive the late posting.

North America:

 > Ross' Gull
 > Masked Duck
 > Arctic Warbler
 > Dusky Warbler
 > Chestnut-backed Chickadee
 > Green Violetear
 > Aztec Thrush
 > Flammulated Owl
 > Greater Prairie Chicken
 > Black Rail

As you know, it is really hard to limit to 10.

Hope everyone finds their birds!

Michael Carpenter

Ridgefield, CT

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