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Thu Jul 25 19:02:42 EDT 2013

July 25: among the many birds-mostly recent fledglings-at our feeders were 2 birds of special interest: 
2 N. Cardinal fledglings, one of which is already identifiable as a male. It has already acquired red feather tips on its breast. This is very early for definitive basic molt, which is given as August to November by Beadle and Rising. Bill is still dark. It is certainly well fed-maybe that is a factor, though the sunflower seeds it is eating here certainly doesn’t provide any carotenoids. 
I am also seeing a female Purple Finch today at the feeder for the first time. I have not heard Purple Finches singing here this spring, nor seen any this summer, so it was a nice surprise. I thought that it might be a fledgling, but a sharply-defined pale supercilium suggests an adult (unless, like the cardinal, it has molted extremely early). 

Rob Mirer

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