[CT Birds] 7/25 Salisbury & Colebrook

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 25 21:33:03 EDT 2013

I missed an incredible number of species in CT during this spring migration because it was my busiest time
ever at work and every day I went out on a weekend the weather did not cooperate.  So I decided to try 
to track down a few of these FOY species in NW CT after checking a large number of reports from July 
of this year, because I figured they are on territory by July.  Mt. Riga Rd and Mt. Washington Rd in 
Salisbury (my first visit) produced my FOY 1 Canada and 10 BT Blue Warblers (yes, I did not have BT
 Blue for the year yet).  I checked Colebrook: Durst Rd. (MDC West Branch Area), Litchfield County,
 Connecticut, US  -- the title from Dave Rosgen's 7/2 (7:15 pm) entry in which 10 Magnolia Warblers
 were reported.  I was there about the same time today (5 pm, cool, overcast), but I saw/heard none.
 After crossing over the dam, I walked south on Hogback Rd (from Durst Rd) along the river all the way
 to where Hogback meets with Riverton Rd.  Then I retraced my steps all the way back to the dam.  2.8
 miles round trip on Hogback. I do know they are rare nesters in NW CT, but 0 for 10?
Questions:  How could I not have even seen/heard one Magnolia if there were 10 here on 7/2?  Do they
 not stick around after the nesting season like every other warbler does?  Perhaps they were not on 
territory on 7/2?  Dave - was I in the right place or did you have a permit to walk in the No Public Entry
 area on the other side (west) of the river?  This is driving me crazy.  Any answers anyone?
Tim Antanaitis

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