[CT Birds] Greenwich Tod's Point Osprey Update July 25

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Thu Jul 25 23:05:25 EDT 2013

The day was cool, in the 60's along the shore, and windy. As I arrived, overhead I heard Mrs O calling. Looking up I saw what looks to be a Great Blue Heron circling the Eagle Pond the Ospreys call theirs. She chased it away. I caught a few hand held shots which I think confirm the Heron. Later, a pair flew by, again getting Mrs O's attention. She chased with loud calls, and the Heron replied just as loud, but withdrew. Mr. O later arrived with a branch, and then went for another.
Despite the above, much of the time, not much happened, so I expanded my observations of the area: to the side of the pond, I saw among six snowy egrets a juvenile Black Crowned Heron, and a little further off, Tree Swallows circling.

Finally, one of the chicks decided to exercise, getting several feet in the air and controlling iself. 

Pix at http://www.libraphotography.com/osprey-growing-up-2013.html

AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich

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