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Fri Jul 26 23:06:25 EDT 2013

Tim - 

I agree with Dave T - most breeders up here in NW CT are relatively silent this time of year, plus they have moved about feeding all over. July in fact for me anyway, is the worst time of year to find or hear birds up here.  In August though, many breeding birds, esp Warblers begin to gather in groups in prep for migration, and is a much better time to look for them. Searching even then can be dead till you come upon a group, and then its birding again but without song. I find Colebrook Res area begins to wake up-(with local breeders and new young once again in August.) but they still are quiet. Best for local breeders up here in NW CT is still May. They are on territory and singing like they should. However, June can also be silent as the breeders are now nesting and song is much less heard. This part of CT has so many good breeders to find, but they are sometimes difficult to see because it is still a vast area of forest to cover, esp for the less
 common species that nest here. It helps to know where they breed regularly.

Note: Our birding this year up here discovered a possible nesting pair (two birds together) of White-t-Sparrows seen in late June twice in the same area, plus a possible pair of Olive-s-Flycatchers seen twice in late June as well. Though no proof, it was very suspicious for both. This year was seen many more Junco breeding than other years as well, and I am still believing that the
Swainson's Thrush is a nester as well - seeing two in both 2010 and 2012 in late June both flying across rt 20 in W Hartland. 
And as mentioned, much gets lost in this vastness and unaccessible lands of private property and the MDC.  

Paul Carrier - Harwinton  

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