[CT Birds] DEEP Meeting Summary

Breslin, Sandy sbreslin at audubon.org
Sat Jul 27 02:39:51 EDT 2013

Will follow up on the "fishing rod" test, but again, we are working on fix for access issue. 

Discussed RAP. State of CT has no restrictions on use of RAP near wetlands. We were told that research has shown no toxic leaching from this product. I'd like to research just for my own edification and could use help w that. Quick Google found NJ and PA have some restrictions on use near wetlands, but w lots of wiggle room for site-by-site exceptions. More to do here.

- Sandy

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On Jul 26, 2013, at 9:20 PM, "Mark Szantyr" <birddog55 at charter.net> wrote:

> My understanding is you do not need to show a license, just fishing rod. That is what i have been told several times by the people manning the gate. So again, binoculars should work. This was also used as an equivalency by the park personnel i spoke with last week 
> Another question, what if anything will be done to remedy the use of the pavement scrapings as fill in proximity to a wetland, especially a wetland supporting state and federally listed species?
> Mark 

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