[CT Birds] Topsmead mystery call

Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at jschwartz.com
Sun Jul 28 08:46:37 EDT 2013

Thanks for your responses.

Not a buzzy prairie warbler or variations on a field sparrow ping-pong
ball, or an oriole.  Not a cardinal either.

This is a call with four distinct, clear notes, lower pitched than an
oriole.  No buzz, no trill.

The bobolink bubble song often starts with a note like I heard, which is
why I thought that it was the bobolink all along.

When I heard the call yesterday in a wooded environment I wondered if the
bobolinks might be migrating or just moving about, but can't find anything
to confirm that bobs ever sing a four-note song.  Obviously I will be
spending more time at Topsmead next spring.



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