[CT Birds] Greenwich Tod's Point update July 27 & 28

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Sun Jul 28 15:40:48 EDT 2013

Sorry for the late Saturday update. It was very exciting, took many pix. I did not visit on the 26th, but on the 27th, when I arrived, the nest was empty. They had fledged either Friday or Saturday. Much activity with the fledglings moving from branch to branch. Their landings need practice. 
I noted the following on the 27th around 3:30 - 4:15 pm:

Cormorants allowed to bask close to the island. Previously, the parents would push away.
Father brought in a fish to the nest, and one young grabbed him by the foot (talon) with his beak and wouldn't let go.
Subsequently, father flew off nest and did a demonstration of fishing by skimming the water with his feet. Did a couple of lengthy passes to show how it's done.
Mother went to nest, and 2nd fledgling joined, with a rather 'exciting' landing.
Mother fed young.

pix @ http://www.libraphotography.com/ospreys-fledge-2013.html

Visited Sunday the 28th around Noon. Very quiet with short flights by fledglings. Mother stayed off nest to the side of the island, father high in trees across pond. Will post a few pix of today later.

AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich

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