[CT Birds] Peterson's First Field Guide

Amy Hopkins hopkinsus at cs.com
Mon Jul 29 00:09:55 EDT 2013

I learned my lesson about this book many (many, many) years ago when I first set out to learn about birds.  I bought this book and took it with me on my very first hike/bird watching excursion.  Several miles in, I came across a clearing, and in it was a large flock of black birds with buff-colored necks.  I must have spent an hour there with my Peterson's trying to make the identification, but was totally unable to make any of the birds in the book fit these mysterious and beautiful birds.  It wasn't till I got home and had a chance to go to the bookstore that I realized my very first attempt at bird ID was bobolinks!

So that is why I don't suggest this book to anyone except perhaps backyard bird watchers, and only then if they have another bird guide handy just in case!

Amy Hopkins

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