[CT Birds] Notice of Construction: Norwalk

Michael Richardson msr042377 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 16:14:36 EDT 2013

Hello fellow birders,

After reviewing the responses from local birders regarding the recent
construction at Hammonasset, the Norwalk River Valley Trail project would
like to provide notice and welcome comments and feedback regarding a
proposed construction project in Norwalk:

In summary, the City of Norwalk is currently developing plans for the
construction of a (paved) non- vehicular multi-purpose trail between Union
Park and New Canaan Avenue, along Route 7.  This section of the trail will
become part of the larger Norwalk River Valley Trail project that will lead
from Calf Pasture to Danbury.

Read more about it on their official notice:


I have been personally involved in the Norwalk River Valley Trail project
for the past year, and have personally visited the area for which the
development in Norwalk has been planned.  In my opinion, the area is mostly
composed of invasive plant and tree species.  Of the birds that I have seen
there, most seem to be of the regular kind, such as Robins, House Sparrows,
Cardinals and Blue Jays.  As well as a few Mallards.  I don't believe that
the intended area to be paved is a deeply important nesting area and due to
the fact that the area is already littered with waste and trash, any
development in the area would be an improvement.  My involvement with the
Norwalk River Valley Trail project is focusing on identifying and assuring
the protection of important native species during the course of the project.

You can learn more about the Norwalk River Valley Trail project at

We welcome the feedback of the birding community and invite anyone to
attend the meeting at City Hall, room 225, in Norwalk tomorrow night
(7/30/13 at 7PM).  I will be there in support of the Norwalk River Valley
Trail project and will be doing my best to field any questions.  If you
cannot make it to the meeting, I will be happy to address or forward-on any
questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you,

Michael Richardson
msr042377 at gmail.com

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