[CT Birds] The Night of the Heron (and Bittern)

Tricia Reid reidtri at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 18:55:09 EDT 2013

Almost didn't go for an evening walk and only grabbed my binoculars last
minute, not intending to stay out long as I'd just put a quiche in the oven
- well sometimes things go right!   Headed down to the Common Fields in
Mansfield Center and cut through the Old Cemetery to the pond edge,
disturbed a large bird that I was able to sight to the dead tree across the
pond - got my binoculars on the bird to discover I was looking at not one
but three American Bitterns, one adult and two juveniles.  They stayed
there the whole time I was walking. Went a little further round the pond
and disturbed a GBH, one's always at the pond, a little further and
something very interesting took off from the reeds at the side of the pond
and then tried to pretend it was invisible in one of the small trees on the
island.  This bird I had never seen before so I quickly made mental notes
and hurried home, grabbed Sibley, Stokes and Audubon - no doubt, this bird
was a juvenile Green Heron, which is a life bird for me. A wonderful night
and I didn't burn my quiche!
Tricia Reid
reidtri at gmail.com
Mansfield Center

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