[CT Birds] Greenwich Tod's Point Osprey July 28 - August 1 Updates

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Fri Aug 2 11:09:54 EDT 2013

I generally spend 1 to 1-1/2 hours in the area so I don't know all that goes on. I try to vary my visit timing to see anything unique. A pattern has developed with the parents still bringing fish to the nest, some feeding of the young, some eating on their own. Perhaps it depends upon what part of the fish is available? The young are now spending much time off the nest on exposed branches of dead trees over the pond. Mr. O usually stays hidden in an overlook high above, and Mrs O splits time between the nest and in the overlook.

Both adults still defend the nest from overflights by other Ospreys, although there does not appear to be any danger to the young at this point. The adults no longer push away the many Snowy Egrets and small Herons that use the brush for perching and fishing. I've seen juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron and a Green Heron on the shoreline.

Last weekend, I reported seeing the Male skimming the water demonstrating fishing technique. On Aug 1st, I saw one of the young doing the same. I've not seen the adult go into a hover, which is an important step. I also don't know if the young have left the enclosed area of the pond. There are fish in it, but I have never seen the adults fishing in it this year. This nest is unique from the other nests in Greenwich which are in open water with boats and houses nearby. I can see why the parents defend it so closely.

Pix at http://www.libraphotography.com/ospreys-fledge-2013.html

AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich

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