[CT Birds] MCC ospreys

kevindoyle01 at charter.net kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri Aug 2 18:39:26 EDT 2013

Allow me ....
1. lone chick sitting on nest no parents in sight
2. chick takes off taking fairly long flight with many tries at diving 
... several times completely submerged and it took a few seconds to come 
to the surface.
3. chick again takes off towards the NE for maybe 15 minutes
4 next an adult from who know's where approaches the nest with caution 
hovering then lands and acts as if it's own nest.
5. 15-20 minutes elapse when out of the NE the chick makes a bee-line 
towards the nest and it's going crazy.
6.  the chick hits the nest then the 2 of them go at .... several chases 
but the chick shows who boss and the intruder leaves
7. male arrives with fish, eats for a few minutes, then up to nest ... 
chick takes fish from the far right side then eats under the camera male 
heads off.
8. this where it gets interesting .... another immature osprey 
approaches the nest ... circles several times with the MCC chick again 
going crazy, after several failed attempts it landed.
9. MCC osprey eating with it's back towards the intruder, intruder tries 
numerous times at taking fish ... no way with several airial fights.
10. both land on nest where it appears calm has settled despite MCC 
osprey chirping away ... finally the intruder out-foxes the MCC osprey 
and takes fish.
11. MCC osprey never tried taking fish back though several airial 
flights were performed over and around the nest.
12. with these 2 doing their thing the male returns again with a fish 
... unconcerned that there is another immature on the nest eating the 
13. both immature's are begging for the fish ... the male must have 
tuned them out ... next thing the female lands on the post and now I 
thought it would get exciting ... but no, both adults allowed the 
immature's to duel it out.
14. female takes never approaching nest and slowly disappears. ... male 
continues to eat and the other 2 you get the picture
15. male finishes cleans beak then leaves.
16. finally the intruder takes off leaving the MCC osprey to calm down
17. not long after this 3 immature's are circling the nest will this 
ever end? 2 leave after a brief chase but a brave one lands on top of 
the camera brace ... the MCC osprey immediately takes off after it ... 
this happened 2 more times ... even with yet another immature trying to 
land on the nest ... and an airial fight with the MCC winning the duel.
18. again alone ... what appeared to be an rouge adult landed on the 
post with a fish ... with the chick going crazy not as though begging 
for food but the cry for help.
19. lastly in 5 years of observing & photographing never have I seen 
this kind of display especially with the parents doing absolutely 
nothing to help the chick. Now with clouds rolling in time to hit the 
sand bar. One pair of least terns with their chick who can fly but only 
a few feet at a time.
20. other than the terns the sand bar void of birds.
DONE AT LAST ... any one with osprey experience please help fill in the 
blanks at what happened ???

Kevin Doyle now home in New Milford

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