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Last spring (2012), I presented NEXRAD focussed on a one-day "hawk" flight along 
the southern edge of Lakes Erie and Ontario in NY (in four parts). That post 
also included a link to Jon VanDort's earlier look at radar from Derby Hill.

For 2013, I've captured concentrations of raptors on nine days. Not only is the 
picture of flights at Derby Hill coming clear with the combination of real plus 
digital hawks, but the reasons why Braddock Bay's numbers are consistently 
higher is also clearer.

Working hypothesis (confirmed by radar observation)
All manner of strong winds move the Derby Hill flightline elsewhere, due to the 
presence of Nine Mile Pt. (to the west) where birds 'go pelagic' and if they 
don't, then the shoreline-tilt northward ahead of Derby Hill allow birds to 
track inland in the other direction. So the migration varies ten miles north or 
south under differing conditions! Of course there are birds to sample in 
between, but not hidden overhead. 
On the other hand, Braddock Bay gets several bites at the apple. The SW-NE 
running shoreline of Lake Erie points the flightline from there right at 
Braddock Bay on Lake Ontario. Or birds following the Lake Ontario shoreline east 
from Ontario-Buffalo meet a downward curve in the shoreline favorable to 
hawkwatchers, keeping birds over land. Finally the bay itself, in front of the 
hawkwatch, gathers and slows the birds again. Both sites experience the lake 
breeze effect that pushes the flight inland.
But, even when totals at Braddock Bay drown the counts at Derby Hill, numbers of 
Golden Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks are consistently/disproportionately higher at 
Derby Hill.

Semi-new ideas (from 2013 NEXRAD)
On a strong easterly wind component, it appears significant raptor numbers are 
pushed out and then return from Stony Point, up in Jefferson County (not 
confirmed on the ground, yet). 
With the availability of (nearly) realtime NEXRAD apps, as well as apps from 
Accuweather and WindAlert, updated report-science is doable, now.
Good numbers of late May juvenile BWs can be seen (on radar) coming into NY from 
Ontario (entering Canada between Lakes Huron and Erie). This is confirmed on the 
ground farther along at Braddock Bay and Derby Hill.

Aeroecology (it's a branch of science)
My term for the use of NEXRAD to see birds is 'organic meteorology' and I'm an 
old guy, so no changing that. But the professors and post docs use 
'aeroecology': this, just about exclusively referring to the nocturnal study of 
those circular blooms visible on NEXRAD (hawk food). I look at those night 
flights too, but collect diurnal radar for hawks and other linear bird 
For aeroecology starter sites, Paul Hurtado's page has current NEXRAD plus links 
to Bill Evans and David LaPuma (key guys). As a big weather concept-helper (not 
associated in any way with Hamburger Helper), Fernanda Viégas and Martin 
Wattenberg latest 'visual technology' project illustrates the big picture of 
wind for your hawk migration contemplation (this is dynamic).

NEXRAD Conspiracy Theories
Circular bursts of birds after sunset (confirmed by audio recordings) and 
occasional radar anomalies are actually evidence of the government creating heat 
waves, blizzards, tornados and earthquakes, according to 'those in the know.' 
The birds are not birds or maybe that's the cover story. NEXRAD clearly 
demonstrates what your military is up to after dark -- HAARP. The straight-line 
anomalies? These are obviously sprays of weather-changing toxins -- 'chemtrails' 
to those who 'study' these matters. Ignore the little aside that these line 
extends out many miles and are still straight, under all kinds of weather.
And how did I get to look behind this cloudy curtain? Any YouTube video I upload 
with 'NEXRAD' as a keyword will get associated with this cartoon channel of 
other videos-of-interest running down the right side of your screen (note: 
right, not left, side of your monitor). When through cracking the code of the 
presidential birth certificate, apparently there are still hours in the day…
The first YouTube link below is, I think, a neato capture I made of a Fall, post 
cold front, sunrise flight of warblers, etc. leaving Pt. Pelee in Ontario and 
flowing to Ohio. After enjoying something from Planet Earth, look over on the 
right side for more about HAARP, chemtrails, the origins of the human race, and 
oh, so much more. Below, I have also provided a couple of the seminal works 
about this troubling NOAA activity. What does it take (you might ask) to think 
up this stuff? A degree in engineering.

Tom Carrolan
Liverpool NY
The more we see, the more are we capable of seeing.
 -- Maria Mitchell, Astronomer
      b. 1 August 1818, Nantucket MA

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