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Wed Aug 7 21:50:28 EDT 2013

I must have missed this....where did this quote come from??

Nick and Mark are 100% on! I am not aware of any study that proves  
responsible birders who are doing what they have been doing for years  
have caused any disturbance to the breeding birds WITHIN the fenced in  
areas. I and many other responsible birders know very well how to walk  
slowly well below the enclosures along the low water line without  
raising one feather.....something that many of us have done for  

Never mind about the hundreds of beach worshipers, fisherman, careless  
joggers and so on and on. What about all the stray cats, dogs,  
raccoons, opossums, and Norway rats that I have seen running along the  
beach and through the enclosures? Are we to assume that if young  
nestlings are killed, abandoned or missing (most likely the result of  
nocturnal quadrupeds) that its the fault of responsible birders?

The word selfish is a very harsh word considering that every birder I  
know is incredibly conscientious when it comes to the safety of birds  
especially during the nesting season. Since July and August are prime  
time Shorebirding season, just about every birder I know looks forward  
to these two months. And looking at the geography of the CT coast,  
there are basically two prime Shorebirding spots: Sandy Point, NH and  
Milford Point, period!! We are not blessed with the spectacular and  
vast areas such as along the Mass. coast. We have only a few small  
areas to shorebird, and a short time frame to bird those areas.

Insulting responsible birders by accusing us of being selfish just  
because we want to enjoy what we love in a small window of opportunity  
on a very small piece of real estate is disturbing.....especially  
since there are SO MANY OBVIOUS (non-birder) OFFENDERS running up and  
down the beach who could honestly care less about nesting terns!

What next, birding police, guards, cameras?? It just gets more  
ridiculous everyday!

Keith Mueller

Quoting Mark Szantyr <birdinggeek at gmail.com>:

> "There was zero - and I repeat, zero - reason for anyone to be out there if
> they were not monitoring the birds for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and
> CT DEEP with us at AAfCW. All other purposes would be for purely selfish
> personal enjoyment to the detriment of the breeding success of these birds."
> As much as he may regret my chiming in, I agree with Nick in this.
>  I wonder how birder disturbance is separated from disturbance by  
> beach walkers, neighbors, boaters, overflying aircraft, fireworks,  
> tern monitors, and fisherman... Groups that certainly outnumber the  
> birders walking out the sandbar.
> Has it been studied to determine the impact of the various agencies  
> and their monitors and the visits to the colony, have on the tern  
> colony?
> Good job, Nick. You can disavow any knowledge of me or my questions  
> if you need to.
> Mark
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