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Paul Fusco paul.fusco at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 7 23:56:18 EDT 2013

Disturbance comes many forms and I would suggest differing levels of impact. For instance a dog (loose or leashed) near a nest colony has a much higher level of impact than a beach walker that stays outside the fenced area. A coursing peregrine is a high level of disturbance which takes a while for the terns to settle back down from.  A jogger or most fishermen are lower levels of disturbance because the birds settle down quickly if they were flushed. Kites or ATVs are high disturbance, while birders and even some beach goers are lower disturbance. 
Is it practical to go after low disturbance offenders while letting high impact activities go? In a state like CT there will be some level of disturbance at these colonies unless the property is completely closed off, which may not be possible. Should not the best management approach be to prevent the high impact things, that most of us have seen, from happening?


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