[CT Birds] Bird rescue

Paul Desjardins paul.desjardins2 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 11:48:26 EDT 2013

This morning while at the rocky Hill meadows I came upon a Red Winged Blackbird that was entangled in mesh that some thoughtless person had discarded. What really sickens me is all the trash I encounter everywhere I go, and in this case it could have proven fatal for the bird. Try as I might, I could not disentangle the bird. In desperation I put the bird in the car and drove down the road towards the ferry landing hoping I could find someone with a knife or something to help. Amazingly I came upon a man standing near his car who just happened to have some wire cutters with him! As he held the bird I was able to cut the mesh. Then he opened his hands and the bird flew off. What a happy ending! By the way, the man even gave the cutters as he had a second pair- just in case I needed to perform another bird rescue.

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