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Thu Aug 8 15:11:02 EDT 2013

First off I received many emails saying that I did nothing wrong with 
several of the those coming from birders who have birded at the point 
for 30 years. Thank you all. The percentage I'd guess is roughly 60-40. 
Allow me please the other 40% ... most of them agree that birders being 
responsible have minimal impact emphasizing, that natural effects have 
far more damage/impact on the success of the colony, but it wouldn't 
hurt that birders stay off the spit since we know what the damage can be 
... but what about the countless others. While the others are dead set 
against ANYONE from going out there.

Not having any solutions as to keeping all birders off the spit aside 
from a fence being erected from the start of the private road/gate to 
the end of the property with a locked gate at the sidewalk that only 
Frank Gallo would have but what about birders who would like to scope 
off the platform a gate would keep them out without seeing Frank first a 
major inconvenience when he's not there and the center itself is closed. 
So that's not the answer and secondly where would the money come from. 
The Audubon would need to reach out to a private fencing company to 
donate their services in lieu of advertising their gratitude. Again this 
would keep everyone out. Not very feasible RIGHT?

Somehow if 99% of birders somehow could be kept off the spit, aside from 
using the platforms and a count by those who professional monitor the 
counts I wonder what the impact would be by everything else. Then the 
numbers could be crunched. As to no birders as to those who use the 
beaches and spit daily.

Last year when I believe the white rumped sandpiper was spotted Frank 
Mueller (excuse me Frank if I missed spelled your last name) was there 
observing and photographing I think. He was very kind to educate me on 
the bird and show me where it was. This bird wasn't on the spit but just 
across on the private beaches for lack of a better word. Frank had left 
and I was there alone taking pictures from the tide line. When I saw a 
figure walk out the house right towards me & right around a piping 
plover enclosure luckily the eggs hatched and the chicks were feeding. 
He said you know this is private property and why are you taking 
pictures of my WIFE !!! When I said, I was photographing the birds his 
attitude sort of changed, he ALLOWED me to finish but asked that I don't 
do it again. Naturally I abided by his wishes. Where am I going here, if 
access to the spit was somehow blocked crossing between these houses and 
walking on the private beaches to the spit and back may wind with that 
person in a heap of trouble if the owner chose to be nasty.

Then the fence again why couldn't a grant be tried for, since it's going 
towards a good cause. I live on the border of northern Fairfield County 
& southern Litchfield County. Where the DOT was approved for a multi 
million project & state funds for I-84 improvements from exit 3 to exit 
8. This stretch of road is a nightmare from May through September on 
weekends being that it is a direct route to Cape Cod and vacation spots 
east, not to mention weekday traffic backups with vacationers reaching 
691 to route 9 which puts you on I-95 at exit 70. The problem here is 
that it's going to take years and impact millions of drivers not to 
mention people who live in Danbury. What I'm saying is all this money 
for something like this when a few thousand dollars may erect a fence. 
Road improvements help many as to where a fence helps a handful.

Another real joke in my opinion a federal grant of $800,000 for a few 
select Fairfield County towns to enforce cell usage which will last only 
for a few months. The towns & police have been quoted as saying we don't 
have the manpower nor the time to stop and hand out summons but $800,000 
does. Police up here have very little to do in the way of actual crime. 
So stopping people at critical spots don't tell you don't have the time 
or personnel if you're needed elsewhere pick and go. Simple solution to 

None of this has anything to do with the saving of 2 endangered birds 
but I'm willing to bet a lot people would care if they knew. A couple of 
dollars to help reduce human impact doesn't seem that far of a stretch.

As for me staying off, those few who want everyone to stay off you've 
won. It won't be until the string is removed before I go back and next 
year forget about it. To me there is no spit. I'm more than content 
photographing the ospreys.

Again this may set everyone off and have people knocking on my door but 
when the white tailed was here at Stratford Point, the point was kept 
open well after hours with Scott putting in MANY hours of his time 
(THANK YOU)  giving everyone ample opportunity to visit and observe the 
bird. Only to learn that many people had the code to the gate to enter 
when the place was closed ( I must admit I was given that code by a 
person of authority with the Audubon) so I'm guilty also so I could 
photograph the bird at sunrise. But I'll say I went once & saw the bird. 
Again this has nothing to do with a fence gate at Milford since the code 
can be given out.

A lot of what I wrote has not one thing to do with the birds but if the 
local Audubon or national Audubon wanted to step up there maybe a way to 
acquire funds from a source other than private donations.

I just needed to blow off steam and again thank all those who told me 
not to feel quilty that I did nothing wrong and those who felt that 
birders me included have very little impact and to those who feel 
everyone needs to stay away for those months ... I'll abide with your 
request but I ask will all the other photographers I've seen out do the 
same? Whether professional birders or amateurs will my staying away keep 
more birds from not having a successful season? Next year will tell that 

Thank you all for reading & listening.

Kevin Doyle

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