[CT Birds] Milford Pt.

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Thu Aug 8 17:46:10 EDT 2013


That must have been an interesting interaction. He needs better camo the
next time. Thanks for sharing.


On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Shaun Martin <birdj510 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have seen the issues at Milford Point first hand. Two summer ago I was
> fortunate enough to have an AMOY position along the coast. I saw very
> responsible, and irresponsible people along Milford Point during that time.
> Although I do agree that careful observation while out on the bars may not
> lead to many issues, I do not see the risk during the nesting season.
> I have had people see me with a scope or binoculars and walk out of their
> way to see what I am doing. While I walked out, I made sure to watch where
> I stepped, when they walk out, they just walk. And I can tell you from
> experience, not all the nests are going to be in sections that are roped
> off. I found am AMOY nest 5 feet from a freshly built sandcastle that
> summer at Milford.
> I can't tell you how many times somebody has seen me with "equipment" and
> thought it meant there was something really cool and interesting to check
> out. All it takes is that one dog walker, or that one group to come out and
> see what you are doing and crush a nest or young chick on the way.
> If you really need to walk out and check the area during nesting season,
> nobody can stop you. There are many people who know what they are doing,
> but plenty more who don't. I think we owe it to an already fragile area and
> species to not push it for a few looks at some peeps.
> Shaun

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