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Paul's experience reminds me of a danger to birds and other wildlife that I see all the time, and that's fishing line. I know of numerous cases where birds have gotten tangled up in this stuff and suffered horrible and needless deaths due to it. If you have ever used fishing line or tried to untangle it from anything you know how strong and sharp it can be. You almost have to see what it can do to a bird to believe it. I'm sure that all birders on this list who also fish know that it's ecologically responsible to cut and dispose of this stuff safely. Whenever I'm out in the field and encounter carelessly discarded fishing line I always collect it and cut it up into harmless pieces when I get home. It may take a minute or two from your day but the end result is a safer and cleaner environment for all. As Paul's experience showed (and Dan has also noted), little things do matter. You never know what the impact may be. 

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This morning while at the rocky Hill meadows I came upon a Red Winged Blackbird that was entangled in mesh that some thoughtless person had discarded. What really sickens me is all the trash I encounter everywhere I go, and in this case it could have proven fatal for the bird. Try as I might, I could not disentangle the bird. In desperation I put the bird in the car and drove down the road towards the ferry landing hoping I could find someone with a knife or something to help. Amazingly I came upon a man standing near his car who just happened to have some wire cutters with him! As he held the bird I was able to cut the mesh. Then he opened his hands and the bird flew off. What a happy ending! By the way, the man even gave the cutters as he had a second pair- just in case I needed to perform another bird rescue. 
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