[CT Birds] Ebirding Shorebirds

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Sat Aug 10 12:49:35 EDT 2013

Hi Patrick et al,

One site that seems to generally get overlooked in the state is Grace Salmon Park in Westport. The river there regularly attracts hundreds, and at peak of season thousands of Semipalmated Sandpipers. With current concerns about the state of that species population, to my mind, that makes it probably one of the most important shorebird sites in the state. Because, if anything, it's relatively poor for rarities just considering the sheer numbers of common shorebirds coming through, it doesn't seem to get that much attention but I have seen all the uncommon CT shorebirds there and it is a good site to find Western Sandpiper - most notable though has to be the Ruff Frank Mantlik found there a few years back. It used to be one of my go to places for shorebirds as it was local and there is also free site access (we all know how hard that is to find in the state). I'm not in CT these days to do so, but hopefully this may encourage people to keep an eye on the place this season -  with all the peeps moving through there it's asking for a stint or something else interesting to show up at some point. 

Luke Tiller, Altadena CA

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