[CT Birds] Milford: Stilt Sandpipers

Mike Warner mjwarner at optonline.net
Sat Aug 10 17:06:13 EDT 2013

8/10/13  Milford Coastal Audubon - Stilt Sandpipers
     3:30 pm -  3 Juvenile Stilt Sandpipers on the inside of the bar.
     2:15 pm -  Stratford - 1 Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper at corner of Oak Bluff and Long Beach.  Black-necked Stilt not seen.  Only a handful of peeps on
                        the high tide.  22 Boat-tailed Grackles feeding near that corner and in the marsh.   Northern Waterthrush at Access Road pool.

Mike Warner
WIlton, CT.

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