[CT Birds] Finch rescue

Janis LaPointe sunbirdjan at cox.net
Wed Aug 14 21:01:03 EDT 2013

As I went out this evening to refill my bird feeders, I found a house finch female trapped inside a suet cage.   This is the type attached at the end of a house-style platform feeder.    The bird's head was outside the cage.  Most of the body and one leg was inside, the other leg on one of the bars.     I thought "what to do" for a few seconds.    And decided the only option was to gently take hold of the bird, and then see how I could maneuver to get it out.    It's wing was partly open inside the cage, no doubt in panic trying to fly out.  The moment I took hold of it, the wing must have closed, and it wiggled and was out.   I let go and the bird flew off faster than I would have imagined.   So glad I went out this evening.      
Janis LaPointe

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