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Julie Keefer julie.keefer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 21:04:50 EDT 2013

Thanks for posting this.  I remember going here on a trip to AZ with my
dad, who got me interested in birds.  I've made a donation and I hope they
raise the money to preserve this great spot!

Julie Keefer
North Stonington

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> Subject: [CT Birds] OT: Popular AZ Birding Site Endangered
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> *Many CT birders will have special memories of experiencing the array of
> hummingbirds at Paton's Birding Haven in Patagonia, Arizona.  The Patons
> have passed on, but with enough timely support the site can be saved.
> Recalling wonderful things lost is bittersweet at best; how much better to
> know you helped protect such a special place?*
> **
> To: All Birders
> From: Rita Fenwick, American Bird Conservancy
> Date: August 14, 2013
> *Alert: Hummingbird Haven Facing Uncertain Future - Act Now*
> Several months ago, American Bird Conservancy board member Victor Emanuel
> made an impassioned request that American Bird Conservancy help acquire an
> American birding landmark that had recently come on the market: Paton?s
> Birder Haven.
> This property, located in Patagonia, Arizona, is the loving project of
> Wally and Marion Paton, who for more than 35 years built their property
> into a premier Arizona birding site and opened their home to thousands of
> local, American, and international birders to see Arizona?s outstanding
> hummingbird diversity. Many visited the site for a chance to get a ?life?
> Plain-capped Starthroat, Violet-crowned Hummingbird, or Magnificent
> Hummingbird for their North American list.  The property has passed on to
> the Paton?s children, who would like to honor their parents? labor of love
> in making the property a memorable, welcoming stop for birders visiting
> Arizona.
> In partnership with Tucson Audubon Society and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours,
> American Bird Conservancy has entered into a contract with the Paton family
> to acquire the property and to maintain the property in perpetuity as a
> hummingbird sanctuary open to visitors. *We have raised $100,000 of the
> needed funding, but urgently need to raise by October 15**th** the
> remaining $200,000*. Once acquired, Tucson Audubon Society will assume
> long-term ownership and management of the property.
> Can you please help by *making a donation* at
> http://www.abcbirds.org/paton/and by
> *FORWARDING this email* to as many birders as you can, encouraging them to
> click on the link provided and make a donation today? Please post this
> request for help on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, websites, and any other
> outlet you think will reach birders who have visited Paton?s or plan to in
> the future.  One hundred percent of each tax-deductible donation will be
> applied to the acquisition and management needs of this historic property.
> *We
> truly need every dollar to succeed.*
> *Thank you very much for your support and help*!  Please let me know if you
> have any questions or you have a favorite picture from Paton?s Birder Haven
> you would like to share.
> Learn more ?  please give now! <http://www.abcbirds.org/paton/>
> Ken Elkins
> Education Program Manager
> Audubon Center at Bent of the River
> Southbury, CT

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