[CT Birds] Milford Point Disturbances

Kaye Danforth danforthpainting at mac.com
Sat Aug 17 12:16:31 EDT 2013

I've been reading with interest the many posts this past month about  
shorebird disturbances.  Throughout this past year, I've had the great  
pleasure of driving down from VT to bird with my CT. brother all along  
the Conn coastline, especially Milford Point and Hammonasett.  Rarely,  
and I mean rarely, have I not seen people walking, jogging, with or  
without dogs and/or kids through sensitive areas, either before,  
during, or after nesting season, and SOMETIMES the culprits have also  
been birders.  Thus far I've been able to be pretty civil with folks,  
but someday I'm bound to snap and woe be to that poor unfortunate soul  
I'm confronting.  Honestly, obvious signage isn't seen or is simply  
ignored, people think they're an exception to the rules, or it's just  
flat out ignorance.  Whatever the reasons, the end results are the  
same: potentially harmful disturbance to birds.  What's to be done?  I  
frankly don't know.  But the birds must come first, even it it means I  
myself may not be able to continue visiting some of the areas mentioned.

Kaye in Hinesburg, VT

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