[CT Birds] Black Bellied plovers

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Sat Aug 17 17:03:07 EDT 2013

val and chris melnikov. Milford Point, shoreside tidal flat. 14:15. 3 
Black Bellied Plovers mucking about in the, well, muck. we were able to 
get to about 30m from them,for approx. 5 mins. Cool looking birds.  
Fishing for snappers this week at Ash Creek, Great Egret and Juvy Great 
Blue had a difference of opinion as to territory. Egret chased off the 
Blue. As I type all our gangsters at the feeder just bolted up into the 
hemlock. everybody is still. looks like the little tortoise cat from 
across the street has stopped by for a look.

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