[CT Birds] Milford Point

Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sat Aug 17 18:55:22 EDT 2013

Saturday dead low tide on the spit one could count on one hand how many birds present. 2 oyster catchers with chick a gull here and there and before certain citizens go off the possibity of "ONE" least tern chick. It was told me that it was spotted the other and the shower had a picture of her cell. She thought it couldn't fly and was wondering what are the chances of survival? I have no idea but assume it might if the parents are still around. Also one adult tern observed flying over open water.
Milford Point on the spit has proven over the last 4 visits to be very unevental at least to me. Might be time to explore new areas.

Osprey update one chick with female adult. Observed for 2 hours with both on the guard post doing nothing except a poop shot here and there. Exciting ur thinking. To me a waste of time.

K doyle new milford 6:55 pm

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