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> Next weekend is Pledge to Fledge. The goal of P2F is to encourage YOU, who love birding and the outdoors, to introduce someone you know to birding. There are many ways to do this of course, so we hope you all will. 
> At the last event we invited all our neighbors round to our house. The questions and stories that came from that get together were impressive. It seems that just about everyone is a closet birder - and this certainly brought a number out of the closet. Bringing awareness and then creating a community, in this case it was our neighborhood, has been the key to successful conservation throughout the world. It is not so difficult to do on your own doorstep. Our biggest problem on Stevens Street/Pond Creek Lane has been that a number of people wanted to hold the P2F party next weekend - not a bad problem.
> We will be holding our second P2F NATURE FESTIVAL in conjunction with Cape May Point State Park this Friday 23rd from 3-6pm. All the major wildlife/conservation groups in South Jersey will be present. Besides the booths we will have live Raptors as well as other bird and butterfly demonstrations, author signings, backyard habitat, guide walks, lots of other fun nature activities, Nikon binoculars to win and so on. Being in Cape May, we have lots remarkable naturalists who graciously give their time to help in events like this. Just about everyone will be there so we hope you will come and join the festivities and say 'hello'.  For more go to www.pledgetofledge.org and please post your images on the Facebook/PledgetoFledge
> Finally, although larger events are great, popularizing conservation, or a sport such as birding, comes from mobilizing individuals who never recognize what an incredible impact they can have, directly or indirectly. Please, next weekend, do something to make a small difference. If we all do that, we will make a big impact. 
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