[CT Birds] Sleeping vagrants

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Sun Aug 18 17:05:38 EDT 2013

val and chris melnikov. 08/18. Birdcraft Fairfield. 14:00. we could hear 
activity as we walked along the path towards the pond. so we skulked 
along until the walkway. when we got there what do we see but a vagrant, 
hobo, drifter whatever sleeping under the roofed area. what's the proper 
etiquette when approaching a sleeping stranger? meanwhile there is an 
actual ruckus going on in the underbrush. what do you do? Ahem, ah 
excuse us good sir. Hey mack scram! we stood about trying to inch closer 
to the roofed area. luckily our somnambulant hobo roused himself and 
shambled off. there were two common grackles lunching on some ripening 
berries, the cause of the commotion. but we were treated to a Wood 
Thrush deep in the underbrush. Caught a couple of Bonaparte Gulls in Ash 
Creek as well as a Solitary Sandpiper out by Eagles Nest(Stratford). 

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