[CT Birds] Milford Point

james.bair at snet.net james.bair at snet.net
Sun Aug 18 19:23:00 EDT 2013

Dear Kevin and Nick,

Back in the eighties when Milford Point was THE birding spot in the state, the spit was an island except at low tide. Various storms have reconfigured the point several times. Occasionally, of course, boaters would go on the spit, but it was very hard for people to go there. There used to be huge flocks of shorebirds and terns especially during fall migration. Because the water was always flowing there, there was virtually no grass growing in the “bay.” 

I wonder if it would be feasible, or even legal, to dig a channel  as there used to be in order to once again separate the spit from the mainland. 

A thought anyhow.

Jim Bair

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