[CT Birds] Questions on feeding birds

Amy Hopkins hopkinsus at cs.com
Mon Aug 19 17:50:16 EDT 2013

I agree with theothers.  Feeding the birds is for ourpleasure.  We obviously don't want to doanything to harm them, but studies have indeed shown that they don't get the majorityof their nutrition from us.  I have myyard planted as bird, butterfly, and insect friendly as possible with nativeplants.  The birds are everywhere in myyard feasting on the native bounty.  Ifthey want to grab the occasional seed from my feeders, I don't think that'sdoing them any real harm and it brings great joy to my life.  Yes, I do worry about my bird feederscreating targets for raptors, so I have lots of cover around the feeders forthem to dive into.  I tie up oldChristmas trees all around - they make great cover for all the little birds.

Amy Hopkins


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