[CT Birds] New Yardbird

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Wed Aug 21 19:57:44 EDT 2013

I looked out my front door about 7:20 tonight And saw two birds  flying due 
west, quite high. As I watched three more followed them. I grabbed a  pair 
of bins and confirmed what I thought: Nighthawks. I counted a total of 12  
over a 10 minute period, but I suspect quite a few more may have gone over  
earlier and the last ones were stragglers. They were at least 300 feet high,  
maybe more, and flying due west in about as straight a line as I've ever 
seen  them. I was really surprised by the fact that all but a couple flew 
directly  over my house. Last bird around 7:30.
New yardbird of course and the first I've seen in the immediate  area. Now 
I wish I'd gone over to the Natchaug River in Eagleville (Mansfield).  There 
are very large flights there that seem to follow the river south. I once  
counted 250 in a single flock.
Yesterday I had the first Pileated Woodpecker in my yard that  I've seen 
there in about a year. Heard him first across the street, then he flew  into 
one of my trees and started pounding away.  Also saw a bird I was  almost 
sure was a warbler, but didn't see enough to ID it. I seldom have  warblers in 
the yard.
I still have quite a few hummers, and some that I'm sure are  migrants. The 
birds that have been here continue to use the feeders,  which are still 
going down fast, but I've seen several in my flowers,  including Hibiscus and 
Butterfly bush.  I always assume that at this time  of year that they are  
migrants and don't know where the feeders are. I  have a Downy Woodpecker in 
the neighborhood that is calling constantly, and the  other day a whole bunch 
of Chickadees mobbing my nyger feeders. When one tried  to figure out how 
to eat from a hummer feeder I knew that most of them were  fledglings, 
probably being led by the parents to the food.  

Don  Morgan

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