[CT Birds] LAGU hawking insects

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Thu Aug 22 21:39:50 EDT 2013

8/22/13 Norwalk CT  7:05-7:20PM

It was a very different change this evening when a flock of 75 LAUGHING GULLS replaced our normal 50 or so CHIMNEY SWIFTS in hawking insects out of the sky.
We do have an every evening  HERRING GULL nocturnal movement over our yard, moving to their Norwalk Island roost from inland each night. At first I thought this was what it was.
Then I noticed that there was a lot of birds and that they were not flying in any firm direction, but rather in a circular pattern, and slowing mid flight, ( a mini hover) and grabbing insects.
I've never seen this before and ran inside for my bins... they were not HERRING GULLS at all, but all LAUGHING GULLS.
Wow was this ever cool, LAGU replaced CHSW as the aerial insectivore dujour.
These birds were all adults and were clearly moving in a western direction, in parallel to LIS.
We are about 1 Mile inland of LIS, this report appears to be part of a LAGU migration with a quick fly bye stop over feeding frenzy, lagging behind birds continued in the same direction for a few minutes until it ended at 7:20 PM.
Also above were 2 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS.

Larry Flynn

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