[CT Birds] House Wren fledglings

Barbara Garrett barbaragarrett at optonline.net
Fri Aug 23 11:34:51 EDT 2013

Was surprised this morning to hear a racket outside and find several, fluffy House Wren fledglings calling incessantly in low-hanging tree branches in my back yard.  Was able to see 3 with my binocs, heard others, and when they decided to move on, realized there were 5-7 in total.  No sign/sounds of Mom & Dad throughout.

Also, this year I've had more Eastern Wood Pewees than ever before and have had the fun of hearing the fledglings learn to develop their "voice."  Same abundance goes for Swallow Tails (both yellow and black)--never, ever had this many and I've lived here 18 years.

north Stamford

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