[CT Birds] Bluff Point 8/23

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 23 11:50:58 EDT 2013

from Glenn Williams:
8/23/13 - Groton, Bluff Point State Park (06:00-09:00 hrs) -- BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO and YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO

Calm winds at dawn reduced morning flight on what probably would have been a slow day at best.  Northerly winds did not start up until almost 7am.  It took an hour and a half for total warblers to surpass the number of flyover Least Sandpipers (17).  There was greater diversity and numbers inside the park in the vicinity of the hot corner - not unusual for this time of year.  I had fifty total warblers of seven species.  Highlights included Warbling Vireo and Worm-eating Warblers (both early migrants and relatively uncommon migrants here) as well as four (often weakly) singing Canada Warblers feeding together.  Several good-sized feeding flocks moved through without all birds being seen and the flocks were not refound.

Most notably, three or four trunks of the "hot corner cherries" (bawdy slang from the Coolidge era?) have come down.  These cherries are multi-trunked.  I assume this is from Sandy.  I haven't been there since the storm.  The corner is much more open than before.  For those who remember the old number system used there, #1 and #2 are essentially gone and a chunk of #5 fell into the middle.  I'm not really sure how this will affect viewing morning flight.  You can certainly see into the understory thickets and large oak to the left of #1 better, but will the birds be less likely to stop at the corner?  Will birds go past the hot corner to the increasingly larger tree and shrub mass next to the railroad tracks?  There is no good place to view them if they stop there instead.

Glenn Williams

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