[CT Birds] Nighthawks, shorebird heads-up

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Fri Aug 23 21:12:21 EDT 2013

I stopped at the Eagleville Dam in Eagleville (Mansfield)  tonight and 
counted 71 Nighthawks from 6:50 to 7:30. Big surprise though was  that they did 
NOT appear to be migrating. Some came from the north to start  with, but 
then some from every other direction, and in the end they seemed to  disappear 
to the north. My count is very iffy; hard to tell if I counted them  more 
than once, so it could be high.
I also got another surprise tonight though. Eagleville Lake has  been 
partially drained to repair the dam, and there are mudflats now where few  
existed before, and quite a few shorebirds seem to have found them.   
Unfortunately I was at the south end of the lake and most of the birds at the  north, 
about 1/4 mile away, and though I could see them in my scope I couldn't  
identify much. For certain one Spotted Sandpiper and possibly a Yellowlegs,  
along with several Killdeer and lots of smaller peeps. It would be relatively  
easy to get close though, by walking the railroad track north along the east  
side of the lake. 
Someone told me that they expect to finish the work in about a  week so the 
chance may not exist too much longer. Also there, a couple of Belted  
Kingfishers and lots of swallows in the distance.
Eagleville Dam and Lake are on Rt 275 between Mansfield and  Coventry, at 
the one way bridge.
I usually don't try to tell between a immature and female  hummer, but 
yesterday I had one at a feeder that had juvie written all over it.  Very short 
beak and the head looked large in comparison to the body. I suspect a  very 
recent fledgling.
Also, I have a titmouse that always shows up with a flock of  Chickadees 
and tries to join them in eating from my nyger feeders. Never saw  that 
before. Betting on a juvie there too.
Finally, My Pileated Woodpecker was back in my yard today.  

Don  Morgan

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