[CT Birds] The season is changing; no it isn't

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Sat Aug 24 21:24:44 EDT 2013

Last Monday (the 19th), “our” 2 fledgling Broad-winged Hawks (nested near the house again this year) circled repeatedly overhead, calling vociferously. My thought was-they’re practicing for migration. That was the last I’ve heard or seen of the Broad-wings. They are on their way-seems a bit early. Do the adults migrate before the juveniles? Experienced hawk watchers (that’s not me) would know the answer to this. Any comments? They have been replaced by the Cooper’s Hawks that disappeared from our yard in May. Last summer they nested in a white pine in our woods. Didn’t hear or see them at all this breeding season until yesterday. So, a changing of the season. Yet, we had a Yellow-throated Vireo singing persistently behind the house through most of the afternoon today.

Rob Mirer

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