[CT Birds] Woodbridge Birds

judymoore at optonline.net judymoore at optonline.net
Sun Aug 25 10:18:46 EDT 2013

An early walk in the Woodbridge Community Gardens produced a few migrants:  1 Yellow Warbler 1 Black and White Warbler 1 Chestnut-sided Warbler 2 Common Yellowthroats 3 American Redstarts 2 or more Indigo Buntings 2 or more Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Also a Red-shouldered Hawk (local) and a Cooper's Hawk.  Plus the huge flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds that have been hanging out in the fields recently. At 9:30 AM I happened to look up as a single Common Nighthawk flew over my yard.  I haven't seen one here for several years.Judy MooreWoodbridge 

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