[CT Birds] East Haddam Nighthawks

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 25 19:48:56 EDT 2013

The nightly show:  A flight of 8 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS over the yard at 7:10pm.  Also 1 chimney swift, 60 tree swallows and 16 purple martins.  A calling scarlet tanager was unexpected.  The calling barred owls were not.  The whole family enjoyed the free bird show.  We sat in the driveway waiting for the nighthawks, each with our personal non-birding activities so we could bird at the same time and all be together.  Finally 2 bats.  When the mosquitos come out then its tome to go in.  Sometimes you have to be creative when birding.

Dan Rottino
East Haddam

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