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Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 22:48:21 EDT 2013


The Oswegatchie Hills is a significant and valuable natural area in the eastern side of East Lyme on the west side of the Niantic River.  Over the years, it has been encroached by development.  Several groups have been fighting to preserve what is left of this resource.  "Save the River - Save the Hills" and "Friends of the Oswegatchie Nature Preserve", as well as other individuals and groups have been working very hard, but the area is under constant threat of future housing developments.  

These groups are asking birders to help the cause.   Having the area designated as an IBA (Important Birding Area) would go a long way to keeping this area natural and wild.  All we would have to do is bird the area and report all sightings to eBird.  The area is designated a "hotspot" on eBird (as "Oswegatchie Hills") so that all data can be submitted and collated easily for use in present and future challenges.  Recently, a representative of developers mentioned at a public hearing that there is no proof of any birds in the area.  We can change that.  Dave Hughes of Wild Birds Unlimited in Niantic is coordinating the data collecting.

Below is a link to two sites with information.  The first link has a left hand menu with a further link to a trail map of the area.  It is easily accessed from I-95. Should you find yourself in the area, or would like to take a trip to visit good birding spots, please visit the Oswegatchie Hills and report what you see to eBird.  Of particular interest are migratory birds as they are the best bet for proving the area worthy of IBA status.




Glenn Williams

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