[CT Birds] Greenwich Tod's Point Osprey nest updates Aug 25 & 27

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Wed Aug 28 14:54:21 EDT 2013

Aug 25

Arrived around 10 am. Lots of calling between Mrs O on the nest, and young in branches off nest.
Mrs O defended the pond area from other ospreys that approach from other nearby nests.
Mr. O sits to side with fish.
Young sit off nest calling for food.@ 10:00, moves to nest.
Mr O flies in with fish. Immediately departs, 'skims' water in demonstration.
Young flies off the nest with fish to branch nearby on island. Still learning how to 'stick' a landing on a branch with a load in hand.

Aug 27

Location of adults not apparent. Young on branches off nest.
10:00 am, one young flies to nest, starts calling for food.
Second young is on a branch looking into water. Shifts head side to side. I guess this produces the parallax effect to determing how deep fish might be?
Second young actually dives into water below branch. Comes up emnpty. This is the first time I have seen this.
Mrs O appeared, again defending the Pond.
I located Mr. O deep in trees on left side of pond. Previously, he's always been in trees on right. 
Mrs. O flies in with a fish, joining Mr. O
Both adults proeed to feed in the trees with backs to young.
One young flies to nest, starts calling.
2nd young tries to join in the nest, and is repulsed. First time I have seen this.
Lost track of Female.

pix @ http://www.libraphotography.com/osprey-adolescents-august-2013.html

Also seen:
1 Green Heron
1 Female Mallard
1 Great Blue Heron
2 American Oystercatchers

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