[CT Birds] help with explaining gull behavior

mcahlgren mcahlgren at cox.net
Thu Aug 29 21:42:22 EDT 2013

Over the weekend on the beach in Pemaquid, Maine, we watched the gull 
"work" a 2 by 2 foot area of sand for at least 15 minutes. It 
repeatedly poked its beak into the sand, swiveled its beak about, 
then shook the sand from its beak. The gull guarded this area of sand 
by chasing others away; then returned to continue poking and mixing. 
After some time, the gull walked away from the area and began 
foraging for food along the beach.
We have never observed this behavior before, and wondered if anyone 
can explain what the gull was doing. Thank you -
Dave and Mary Ahlgren,

movie follows:


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