[CT Birds] Harkness SP in Waterford: Swallows and Shorebirds

Sailcarm sailcarm at aol.com
Fri Aug 30 16:06:35 EDT 2013

Harkness SP in Waterford today

There were most likely more than a 1000 Tree Swallows cycloning up and down at Harkness today, often setting down quickly in bushes.  Awesome to watch!  

Shorebirds and egrets, viewed from the west side of park near the duck blind, included:

30 Semi-palmated Plovers
15 Semi-palmated Sandpipers
4 Least Sandpipers
4 Greater Yellowlegs
7 Snowy Egrets
1 Great Egret

It appears that Ospreys and Piping Plovers have left.   I also did not see any terns.

I checked the area that I refer to as the sparrow pit, adjacent to the greenhouses on the eastern side of the park, where in the past I have had such goodies as Blue Grosbeak, WC Sparrow, etc., but not much going on there, except for 1 phoebe.   

In general, fields, paths and meadows were very quiet.

Still getting lots of Hummers at my feeders.

Carolyn Cimino

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