[CT Birds] mud pond

kevindoyle01 at charter.net kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Mon Sep 2 12:15:08 EDT 2013


Will the New Milford couple who spotted the 100 plus wood ducks on Mud 
Pond please reply. I'm from southern New Milford on Candlewood Lake and 
the most wood ducks I've ever seen were on a swampy pond near my house 
in the spring of 2012 where I saw 4 and on Horseshoe Pond in Wilton same 
year again maybe 5 at the most with plenty of Ringed necked ducks.

This year both spots mentioned several times not a one. So when I saw 
your post I loaded up the big gun plugged Mud Pond into the GPS & took 
off (Sunday). Some wild road but I saw no ducks. Mind u it began to rain 
and my question where do u park since the road is barely one car width 
wide and where exactly did u c them and is worth another try.

Should u park on Bull's Bridge & Mud Pond road & walk or take your 
chances on Mud Pond itself? Seeing 100 plus at once would make my year.


Kevin Doyle
New Milford/Brookfield border

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